For the European Cup, Wenger can have two options: it can be used as a new race, the professor can "give up the European Cup" attitude Sean Collins Jersey, in the week of the European war in the opening of new people, where to fight where, both You can make the rapid growth of young people, but also will not affect the league mission; of course, the European Cup can also become Arsenal curve to save the country to get the championship, you can win the Champions League tickets, the pressure of the league will naturally be alleviated. In the last two years, Navas has been with Real Madrid to get the Champions League ear cups and La Liga championship trophy Zach Werenski Jersey, local time this Saturday, the Costa Rican country hope to add a Champions League trophy in the personal honor book. However, in Florentino's view, Navas is always not worthy of Galaxy warships Josh Anderson Jersey, even in the pitch on the performance was very good, but on the whole, he is still not with the Degee on the same grade, at least Real Madrid President So think so. But after a serious injury, Ibrahimovic's future cast a shadow, after Ibrahimovic's agent Rai Aola has firmly said that Ibrahimovic will not retire, he will fight next season, he and Manchester United's contract Will expire this summer Jack Skille Jersey. In an interview with the media, he said: "He is likely to stay, we are still discuss. At present, he has several contracts in hand, we are evaluating. Ibrahimovic want to stay in England, but not necessarily stay in Manchester United.