In the personal resume, Deheya still still lack a Champions League trophy, which for him is undoubtedly a great regret. However, Manchester United will return to the Champions League next season, so stay in the old Trafford stadium, the Spanish country also have the opportunity to achieve their long-cherished wish Brian Gibbons Jersey. In fact, Deheya now need to do is ask ourselves: in Madrid Markus Hannikainen Jersey, I will be more happy than in Manchester? Of course, according to the current situation, if this time Degea still eventually stay in Manchester United, then he probably will no longer have the opportunity to join Real Madrid. 39-year-old Buffon will be with Juventus to fight the Champions League final, their opponent will be defending champion Real Madrid. It now appears that this game is likely to be Buffon last time in the heavyweight finals debut. In the previous contest, the penalty shootout has a certain probability of occurrence, this time of course, no exception. But for Buffon, if the Champions League final in the field he still only rely on "instinct" to deal with possible face penalty war Gregory Campbell Jersey, then obviously is not enough, because as early as last year's Champions League final, Real Madrid has to The world has proved that science has played an increasingly important role in the penalty shootout in the heavy runner-up finals. Highlight Time: In August 2004, Arsenal defeated visiting Middlesbrough at home at Highbury, creating an incredible 42-game unbeaten stunning results Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey. This record also tied the record of the Nobelham Forest created 25 years ago. After that, Wenger and his team in the next seven games remain undefeated, until Manchester United beat. 49 field unbeaten great achievements not only belong to Arsenal, it is the Premiership and even England football history of the glorious moment.